Hi! I am doing data @Expedia, and contribute to @Scholia during my time-off, building better tools for education. Currently living in Geneva, 23 years old, I'm an INFJ according to MBTI. I hugely enjoy helping others and inspiring them as much as I can! And to me, startups are a way to bring back purpose and meaning in people's lives.

Born in Reunion Island, I moved to Paris to study engineering at CentraleSupélec and then joined the Master in Management at ESCP Europe in Paris, London and the entrepreneurship specialization in Berlin.

I'm deeply interested in:

  • Entrepreneurship, startups and projects that matter;
  • React.js and other web technologies;
  • Reading and Writing about Education, Growth, Psychology, and Purpose;
  • Video games, Manga, Anime and Music.

Work & Projects

Scholia - Collaborative workspaces for Education
Qark Gaming - Gaming glasses
Bookshelf - Small reviews and recommendations of 50+ readings
Quantum of Purpose - The book I want to write (and might take 10 years to)
RESEARCH (CentraleSupélec)
Méthodes spectrales pour la détection de communautés
Intelligence artificielle pour Tétris en Java
Logique Multivaluée
Brian - AI-powered second-reader for brain anomalies
○ doppel.io - SaaS Recommendation engine
CentraleSupélec Startup
MCJP Workshop Japon
Panda One

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