(This is a "Now Page" inspired by Derek Sivers.)

I'm in Paris.

Back to School

I have an hard engineering exam (#MNO) coming soon. So I'm sending time on learning that. Even though I should spend even more. :)

Boosting Qark sales

A few months ago I launched a product called Qark (Anti blue-light glasses for gamers) that sells on Amazon. It's been going "well enough" but I want it to be great. So I'm focusedon a new website, Google Ads, and PR to boost sales.

Ask me to get one free. (I'm not kidding lol.)

Watching the Crypto market

Choosing the new coins to invest in for 2018. I have my eyes set on ETH, XRP, TRX, BAT, TIX, NEO, ADA and XLM. I'd like to write a post on getting started on crypto or XRP.

Playing Video Games

I'm finally playing Final Fantasy X (the remastered version on PS4) for the first time! The story is deep and mesmerizing. I love it.
I also started the free trial of Destiny 2. Shooters are not usually my type, yet this game is really something (and what a nice soundtrack).

This page was updated on January 12th 2018.