Born in Reunion Island (a small and sadly unknown French territory in the middle of the Indian Ocean).

I moved to Paris to study engineering at CentraleSupélec and then joined the Master in Management at ESCP Europe in Paris, London and Berlin.

Currently living in Paris, 22 years old.

I'm an INFJ. And a really proud one actually. Helping others, and inspiring them as much as I can is what I enjoy the most in my life.

To me, startups are awesome and bring back purpose to the people, workplace and the world.

If you want, you can see my resume.

I'm always here to help/discuss about:

  • Entrepreneurship, startups and projects that matter;
  • Programming in Javascript and other web technologies, especially for frontend development;
  • Psychology, motivation, human behaviour, happiness and purpose;
  • Reading, Writing and Education, because knowledge will ultimately save the world ;
  • Growth Hacking, my dream job since it makes use of everything above.

And also

  • Cryptocurrencies, I like to write or advise about my investments in XRP, ETH, BAT, TRX (and more...) ;
  • Video games, most of the time I play FFXIV Online ;
  • Manga and Anime (Anilist) ;
  • Music, I play, record and mix (but I don't really have the time).


Scholia - Personal web pages for scholars - Website - SaaS recommendation engine
Qark Gaming - Gaming glasses - Website, Buy
School Projects
School'in - Honest insights about schools, for and by students
Brian - AI-powered second-reader for brain anomalies
CentraleSupélec Startup (Admin)
MCJP Workshop Japon (Alumni)
Panda One

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